The care of archaeological remains in the UK has been enshrined in the planning system since 1990 and since 2012 this has been covered by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).  As a result, most of the archaeological investigations carried out in the UK are developer led and funded (Commercial Archaeology).

At Context One, our staff have a depth of experience in dealing with the challenges of commercial archaeology, and specialise in a wide range of archaeological techniques.

One aspect of our work involves excavation. Whether this includes monitoring a small development (Watching Brief), carrying out a limited excavation (Evaluation), or digging a major site (Excavation), we are committed to finding the right solution to meet your specific archaeological requirements.

We understand the pressure of busy schedules and the complexities of developments that our clients face on a daily basis, so at Context One we provide a professional and comprehensive service tailored to minimise the added pressure of any archaeological constraint.

This includes responding quickly to enquiries for our services, liasing with Planning Archaeologists to ensure that archaeological conditions are appropriately met, providing a robust excavation schedule to avoid costly delays, and delivering a detailed report produced to the highest standards.

Our aim is to provide total satisfaction, on time, and on budget.