Historic Building Recording

Historic Building recording may be requested in mitigation of proposals or, in rare case, ahead of demolition. Surveys are carried out to one of four different levels, as set-out by Historic England.

Documentary research is carried out in addition to the survey, providing important indicators for the origin and development of a structure. The survey provides a record of the structure for posterity, and assists with architectural and design decisions.

We have many years of experience in recording a vast array of structure types. Our lead historic buildings archaeologist, Dr Cheryl Green, most recently co-authored a major monograph analysing and publishing the historic excavations carried out at Glastonbury Abbey (Gilchrist, R and Green, C 2015. Glastonbury Abbey archaeological investigations 1904-79, Society of Antiquaries, London). Cheryl’s PhD involved recording c. 230 medieval buildings, the majority being churches and cathedrals. Our director, Richard McConnell, has been carrying out historic building projects for two decades relating to a wide range of structures spanning the medieval and modern periods. Surveys are ably assisted by our third historic buildings archaeologist, Tara Fairclough, who translates the survey observations into easily digestible illustrations.