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Do you know what these might be?

They comprise five discs made of hard chalk with a central hole. They were found ‘stacked’ in an upright position and set into a shallow pit. The top half of each disc had been destroyed by modern ploughing.

They were found as part of an evaluation in the summer of 2011 on a site at Grimstone, about 6km north-west of Dorchester in Dorset. A number of other features close by were largely Iron Age and included ritual pits, ditches, post holes and a discontinuous ring ditch thought to enclose a meeting space with a central totem.

So far, It has been suggested that similar discs were found on Purbeck and that they were Romano-British in date and somehow connected with shale or pottery working. We have no more information than that at present.

If anyone has any ideas, we would only be too pleased to hear from you. Please feel free to send any suggestions using the comment box below. Thanks.

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  1. jilly bryant BAPGCE

    Could these simply be potters fly wheels?Just a thought as they aren’t mill stones?grinding?


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