Our Team

Richard McConnell BA (hons), MCIfA – Director, Historic Environment Consultant

Richard is the co-founder of Context One and oversees all aspects of commercial and research work and takes a lead role in project management. He has extensive archaeological experience across a wide range of fieldwork investigations both in the UK and abroad including excavation, historic building recording, geophysical survey, earthwork surveys and artefact sampling techniques. Richard has also accumulated considerable experience in archaeological reporting and contributes towards many of the project reports and consultative documents produced by the consultancy as well as authoring articles published in academic journals. He is especially interested in medieval archaeology, fieldwork techniques, computer applications and the history of archaeology. Richard regularly gives talks to day schools and archaeological society events, and represents Context One on the Dorset Archaeological Committee. Away from Context One, Richard enjoys long-distance walking, travelling, reading, TV and film. He is also a Parish Councillor. 


Cheryl Green BA (hons), PhD, MCIfA, FSA – Post-excavation Manager and Historic Buildings

Cheryl has a broad range of archaeological experience within both the commercial and academic arenas, with specific interests in ecclesiastical archaeology and worked stone. After graduating from the University of Reading (1992-1995), Cheryl was a field archaeologist for Oxford Archaeology before embarking on her PhD (1997-2001, U of R) analysing Quarr stone as a building and object material throughout the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods. Cheryl joined Context One in 2004, predominantly writing reports but also developing her interest in worked stone and buildings archaeology. Between 2007 and 2012 Cheryl was the Post-Doctoral Research Assistant for the Glastonbury Abbey historic excavation project, led by Professor Roberta Gilchrist (U of R) and was responsible for assessing and analysing the extensive records and co-ordinating a large team of specialists. The resulting excavation monograph is a landmark for our understanding of British monasticism (Gilchrist and Green 2015, Society of Antiquaries). Since returning to Context One in 2013, Cheryl has taken on the co-ordination of the large post-excavation projects, authoring assessment reports and articles in Medieval Archaeology and county journals, and co-authoring excavation monographs. However, Cheryl also relishes being out in the field, carrying out excavation and surveying historic buildings. Public outreach is a particularly satisfying element of the role, and she gives regular presentations on current projects and enjoys working with volunteers and work experience students when these opportunities arise. Cheryl is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.


Clare Randall BA, BSc, MSc, PhD, MCIfA, FSA, – Archaeological Officer

Clare first picked up a trowel at the age of thirteen and following a detour into teaching and the civil service returned to education to compete a BSc in Archaeology, MSc in Osteoarchaeology and PhD at Bournemouth University. She worked as Research Assistant on the South Cadbury Environs Project which involved a range of geophysical and other survey work, excavation and post-excavation tasks. Her PhD thesis looked at later prehistoric land use and animal husbandry in the south west of Britain and involved analysis of the large faunal assemblage from Cadbury Castle, and surrounding sites. She taught undergraduate and masters courses in zooarchaeology and later British and European prehistory at Bournemouth University for a year. Since 2011, Clare has worked as a freelance osteoarchaeologist alongside holding various roles in museums in Dorset. She has a particular interest in Bronze Age and Iron Age land use; pathology in livestock populations; refinement of livestock ageing methods; later prehistoric cremation practice; and Late Iron Age and post-Roman burial practice. Clare has been Treasurer of the Prehistoric Society since 2011 and a Trustee of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society and Chair of the Dorset Archaeological Committee since 2014. Clare also holds full Membership of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and in 2019 became Editor of the Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society. She was recently appointed to a part-time research role at Bournemouth University to work on the Research Excellence Framework return and impact of research. Clare joined Context One in 2015 and is involved in report production, publications, human and animal bone assessment/analysis, archive management and outreach.


Tara Fairclough BA (hons), PCIfA – Senior Archaeologist

Tara has worked in professional archaeology since 1996 and began her career as a Field Archaeologist, working for companies such as St Albans City Council and Wessex Archaeology. Tara joined Context One in 2006 as an assistant illustrator and became principal illustrator in 2012.  During her years with us, Tara has developed a formidable range of digital illustration skills; from excavation drawings and historic building recording surveys to digital terrain models and viewshed analysis maps. Tara's work on consultancy projects also includes historic map regression, spatial historic environment plans and site phasing illustrations. In recent years, Tara has extended her role to encompass fieldwork co-ordination and report preparation. One of Tara's interests is historic buildings and she is often part of the buildings survey team.


Jackie Pugh – Accounts

Jackie joined Context One in 2011 and combines a part-time role in accounts with a similar position at Port Regis School at Motcombe. Jackie has over 20 years experience in accounting covering a wide range of roles within different industries.